News reporter shuffles sideways into shot on live TV, ducks awkwardly out of sight


By Rachel Thompson

Now you see her, now you don’t. 

In case you were looking for a metaphor for the shambolic state of UK politics, look no further. 

In a swift, crab-like motion Sky News correspondent Tamara Cohen appeared to shuffle sideways  into view during a shot of 10 Downing Street — before ducking out of shot again. 

It’s a vanishing act to rival that of any magician. An act that most journalists covering British politics would likely love to be a part of. In fact, make that the entire population of Britain. 

Loved the disappearing Correspndent @SkyNews. Comedy moment in Downing Street. Like a trap door opened beneath her.

— Chris James TX (@ChrisJamesNews) April 1, 2019

Here’s a GIF of the glorious moment. 

A national mood, tbh.

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