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Police have already made an arrest.Alleged swatting hoax ends in the death of a father of two

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On Thursday night, a disagreement over Call of Duty may have contributed to the death of an innocent man at the hands of police. A game played with a $1.50 wager led to an argument where one gamer gave their address out and challenged the other to do something with it. That address apparently passed to someone else who “swatted” it, calling the local police to fake a homicide and hostage situation.

When Wichita police responded, Andrew Finch came to the door, and although he was unarmed, he was shot and killed at his front door. Finch had no apparent connection to the dispute, but the player gave out a fake address. While the investigation continues, Los Angeles police reported late last night that they had arrested Tyler Raj Barris in connection with the call. In 2015, they arrested Barris for calling in bomb threats to a TV station, and during a YouTube interview, “SWAuTistic” took responsibility for bomb threats that interrupted a Major League Gaming Call of Duty event in Dallas earlier this month.

Just leave out the farts — and the politics.Marvel wants to help you make comics

The Morning After: Weekend Edition 2

The good news is that the Marvel: Create Your Own app will let you choose a Marvel character, pose them on various backgrounds and then fill in the story via speech bubbles. The bad news? Don’t plan on making your hard-hitting X-Men allegory a reality, since “controversial” topics like social justice issues and politics are banned.

Thanks, NVIDIA.Nintendo Switch homebrew should be available soon

The Morning After: Weekend Edition 3

A group of hackers recently revealed how NVIDIA’s Tegra chip gave them the opening necessary to crack the Nintendo Switch. There should be a method for running homebrew software on the console soon, as long as owners don’t update their software beyond version 3.0.0.

It just feels right.Kodi comes to Xbox One

The Morning After: Weekend Edition 4

Xbox Media Center got its start on the original Xbox system, and now the project (since renamed from XBMC to Kodi) is available on Xbox One.

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