Domino’s pizza delivery driver, 49, dies from coronavirus but takeaway restaurant remains open

A Domino’s pizza worker from Scotland has died from coronavirus.   

Mofizul Islam, 49, worked at the takeaway restaurant in Eskbank, Midlothian which is still open. 

Staff were told of Mr Islam’s death on Monday. He’d stopped working after the government announced the lockdown and died last week. 

Mofizul Islam, 49, worked at the takeaway restaurant in Eskbank, Midlothian (pictured)

Domino’s said they still hadn’t been notified about a possible Covid-19 case, but have done a thorough deep clean to reassure everyone.

A Dominio’s spokesperson said:  ‘We were very sorry that hear Mofizul Islam, a store colleague of one of our franchisees, has died, and pass on the condolences of everyone at Domino’s to his family. Mofizul had not worked for Domino’s since 22 March, having decided not to come into work following the government’s nationwide lockdown.

‘Domino’s remains open in support of the UK government’s advice, which says food delivery services play an important role in helping people stay at home. We’re continually making changes such as Contact Free Delivery, stopping collections, ending cash handling, simplifying the menu and creating floor markers to encourage colleagues to follow Government rules for food production which says ’employers must take reasonable action’ to implement distancing guidelines. Whilst we hadn’t been notified about a Covid-19 with a former colleague, as a precautionary measure we did close the store to perform a thorough deep clean.’

Restaurants have closed during the coronavirus lockdown with food deliveries as an exception and takeaways being allowed to remain open.

Government guidance says people can still access their local takeaway, this includes delivery drivers. But people are not allowed to consume any food or drinks on the premises. 

Domino’s has remained open, introducing a contactless delivery option for customers at checkout.

Last month, Domino’s tweeted: ‘Domino’s is still OPEN to serve you. 

‘Whether you prefer delivery or carry out from the store, we still offer easy ways to get you delicious pizza, including our new contactless delivery option to minimise contact between you and your delivery experts.’

In a separate post, the chain tweeted a photo explaining safety measures being taken its staff.

Domino’s wrote they are ‘increasing’ their sanitisation of food prep areas, door handles and hot bags.

They also said team members wash their hands ‘after touching any surface’ and delivery drivers wash their hands ‘before and after every delivery run’, with pizza removed from the oven using a ‘pizza peel’ and then placed directly into a box.   

The UK’s coronavirus death toll today jumped by 953 to 8,931, according to figures released by all of the home nations. England recorded 866 new fatalities among patients in hospital, while the other 87 were confirmed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Experts say it is still too soon to see the impact of the UK’s lockdown in daily statistics but, speaking in yesterday’s Government briefing, chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said ‘the NHS can cope’ with the current situation. Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical adviser, added ‘there is still room’ in intensive care units.

Disabled widower, 70, ‘living on Domino’s’ because he had no one to go shopping for him during coronavirus lockdown is saved by police after he finally ventured outdoors 

By Georgia Simcox for MailOnline 

A widower who suffers from arthritis in his spine was living on Domino’s pizza delivery for a month while he was self-isolating due to the coronavirus crisis. 

David Hoggett, 70, moved to Aldershot in the 1990s from Manchester with his wife, who died in 2014. He has no friends or family in the area. 

He didn’t know anyone who could do his shopping for him so was ‘living solely on Domino’s pizza, chocolate cookies and coke zero’ for a month, SurreyLive reported.   

After Domino’s stopped delivering over the phone, Mr Hoggett had to walk to the supermarket. He was helped home by police officers who bought him essentials like soup

David Hoggett, 70, lived on Domino’s pizza deliveries for about a month while he was self-isolating in Aldershot. A neighbour Jodie Cordner now does his shopping for him and he receives hot meals from a school

He had to go to the supermarket after Domino’s stopped taking phone orders. He was helped across a road by a member of the public.

Police officers spotted and approached Mr Hoggett and offered to do a shop for him where they bought essentials such as soup. 

They helped him to get home safely and ensured support measures were in place.

Neighbour Jodie Cordner, 21, who has known him since around 2013 is now helping him with his shopping. 

Mr Hoggett told SurreyLive: ‘All I have is a TV, other than that it is just looking at four square walls. I am awake 20 of the 24 hours a day.

‘I just think I will be asleep long enough when I’m dead. You might as well enjoy life as long as you can.’ 

Mr Hoggett said about getting his new help: ‘It has restored my faith in humanity. Not knowing anyone, a lot of people wouldn’t care, but this has been so kind.’ 

Miss Cordner said she felt ‘disgusted’ seeing someone older and vulnerable in such a position. 

She added: ‘None of the other people in his block had offered him any help. There are two people who live there who go out multiple times and are fit and healthy. 

Mr Hoggett was ‘living solely on Domino’s pizza, chocolate cookies and coke zero’ for a month because he had no one to help him with his shopping

‘Yet they didn’t bother to see if the other people in their block need help.’  

Miss Cordner does his shopping at the same time she does her own and calls him to ask whether he needs anything if she’s going out. 

She said: ‘I wouldn’t like to see my family in that situation and David has no friends or family. He’s said we are the closest he has to a family.’ 

They speak two or three times a day on the phone and also when she takes him his shopping. 

Miss Cordner said Mr Hoggett is also receiving meals from Talavera School in Aldershot who are helping the vulnerable by providing hot food. 

Rushmoor District Inspector Phil Mayne of Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘In this instance, my officers who were on duty at the time, went above and beyond in their efforts to come to the aid of an elderly gentleman. They engaged with him, and following hearing his story, helped to secure much-needed food and other essential items.

‘We would urge the local community not to be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help if you’re self-isolating or unable to get the support from family members and friends you would normally do so due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

‘We appreciate that these are difficult and unprecedented times, but we want to reassure the community that there are support helplines available through Rushmoor Borough Council that can help.

‘Our officers will continue to routinely patrol local areas, assisting the elderly and vulnerable if needed, while also engaging, educating and explaining to people the importance of Government guidelines.’ 

The area manager for Domino’s got in touch with David and provided him with a free meal, which they said they will do every week until their phone lines are operational again. 

Domino’s said: ‘Our Aldershot store has implemented several additional measures to ensure we are following government guidelines, and has moved to cash-free, online orders and Contact Free Delivery only. 

‘When we heard David Hoggett had been unable to order his favourite cheesy treats from Domino’s as a result of our new measures we wanted to help out, and immediately offered to deliver him a free meal every week while our phone lines remain closed for orders.’

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