Ali Wentworth Believed Jon Hamm Was Her Husband Due to Coronavirus ‘Delirium’

“George is quarantined whether we’re in a pandemic or not,” Wentworth quipped.

Ali Wentworth Believed Jon Hamm Was Her Husband Due to Coronavirus 'Delirium' 1

Ali Wentworth had quite an interesting side effect to binge-watching all seven seasons of “Mad Men” while recovering from the coronavirus.

During Tuesday’s at-home edition “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the actress, 50, and her husband, “Good Morning America” anchor, George Stephanopoulos opened up about their vastly different experiences with the respiratory illness. While Stephanopoulos said he didn’t even feel sick, Wentworth had a “pretty tough case,” leaving her bedridden for 16 days straight.

As a way to pass the time, Wentworth watched all episodes of “Mad Men.” However, she was so delirious she believed she was married to the star of the AMC series, Jon Hamm.

“It’s funny because — which is very indicative of our lives — I get corona and I’m deathly ill for three weeks with a high fever and sweating and achy and going crazy like Martin Sheen in ‘Apocalypse Now,'” Wentworth recalled to Kimmel. “And George gets it and he has no symptoms.”

“You’re basically just focused on getting healthy and getting well,” she added. “You’re basically sleeping and taking Tylenol PM. I watched all seven seasons of ‘Mad Men,’ and in my delirium, I actually believed — I thought I was married to Jon Hamm and he was cheating on me. So, now George is quarantined whether we’re in a pandemic or not.”

Fortunately, Wentworth had her husband to nurse her back to health, saying he “instinctually knew” when she needed her temperature taken.

“He didn’t have to bathe me or anything,” she explained. “He brought me food and chicken soup, lemonade. He was actually a rock star.”

12 days after Wentworth revealed her diagnosis, Stephanopoulos, who had already been filming “GMA” from home, announced he also had tested positive for COVID-19. The ABC star said his symptoms were so mild, he was shocked to learn he had the virus.

“I’ve never had a fever, never had a cough, never had shortness of breath, no chills,” Stephanopoulos told Kimmel. “The only thing I can think of is one day, now almost three weeks ago, I had a little bit of lower back pain and went to bed early and that was it. I mean, a couple days after that, no sense of smell for about a day, but that was, like, several weeks ago. Since then, just nothing beyond that.”

“I was pretty surprised that it turned out positive,” he continued. “Even the technician when she called said, ‘Yeah. We don’t get it,’ because when I went in my temperature was 97 [degrees] and my oxygen was 99. She said, ‘We were surprised too.”

Watch the full interview, above!

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