The weird and wonderful Instagram life of Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump has it TOGETHER, y'all.
Tiffany Trump has it TOGETHER, y’all.

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By Marcus Gilmer

What if I told you there was a place on the Internet that involved the Trump family but was filled with gaiety, glamour, and lots and lots of glitter? 

Welcome to the Instagram feed of Tiffany Trump, law student, fashion lover, half-sister to Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric, and Baron, and seemingly the lone Trump adult who has managed to sidestep scandal. 

Aside from the occasional photo in the White House or a daddy-daughter throwback, Tiffany’s feed is largely devoid of politics. It’s mostly focused on the minutiae of your average, really rich 24-year-old: studying, posing in front of impressive landscapes, and working out in full make-up.

Tiffany is a bit of an enigma. She was occasionally seen on the campaign trail in 2016 but has been fairly low profile since then. Law school is busy, after all. And she doesn’t seem as closely tied to her dad’s politics — she even stepped out to celebrate Pride, despite Trump’s continuing refusal to support the nation’s LGBTQ community. 

That’s where her Instagram feed comes in. What, exactly, is Tiffany up to these days? Well, she was recently taking in the sights and sounds of the official Trump Winery in Virginia and fancy modern art at the Smithsonian. 

Colorful! And probably way more fun that whatever the hell it is Eric does all day.

But if her Instagram stories are any clue, she’s also been spending her summer indulging in her more artistic side. 



Image: Mashable composite/Instagram

Tiffany loves glitter. Like, really, really loves it. And who can blame her? It brings a shimmer to an otherwise dark world that her father is partly responsible for. 

Also, it’s worth noting that Tiffany definitely carries an artistic streak none of the other Trump children have publicly shared unless you consider posing awkwardly in the woods an art form (and maybe we should). The interesting thing is that she’s no perfectionist. Many of her crafts have a haphazard, slightly unhinged quality to them that lend a little bit of a bleak edge to the proceedings.




Tiffany’s Instagram isn’t totally devoid of her father or the White House. There’s the obligatory birthday shoutout to the president, of course, which features a cameo from little half-brother Barron. 

It almost humanizes Donald. Almost

And there was this Easter photo from the White House Easter Egg Roll in which Tiffany proves she got her fashion sense from her mother rather than her father or step-mother

And Tiffany is also sure to include a Mother’s Day gram for Marla. Gotta respect both sides, after all. 

While half-sister Ivanka is speeding around the White House and causing all sorts of controversy and commotion, Tiffany is cool just chillaxing, studying, and, hey, taking a Slurpee break just like you and me, normal people!

The weird and wonderful Instagram life of Tiffany Trump

Image: Instagram

That is some spot-on branding, Tiffany. Ivanka would be proud

So there you have it, a strange half-respite from the garbage fire that the rest of the Trump family is busy unleashing on the rest of the world. 

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