Ron White Wants Spousal Support Terminated Because of Coronavirus Impact

Ron White
I Not Making Any Money …
So Judge, Please End Spousal Support!!!

4/26/2020 7:23 AM PT

Ron White Wants Spousal Support Terminated Because of Coronavirus Impact 1


Ron White is an incredibly successful comedian, and even he is feeling the disastrous fallout from the coronavirus pandemic … so much so, he’s telling a judge he can’t afford to pay his ex-wife spousal support.

Ron filed legal docs asking the family law judge to terminate his $25,000 payments he’s been ordered to plunk down every month.

White was married to Margo Rey from 2013 to 2017.

Ron, who’s been paying Margo $25k a month since last November, says enough is enough, writing, “… she continued her decades-long pursuit of being a professional singer at which she is not self-supporting. I have spent 200+ days per year traveling the country every year to do stand-up shows, and I made more than $200,000 per month doing it.”

Ron goes on …  “Now I cannot work. I have a tenth-grade education. I am 63. Margo still insists I pay her $25,000 per month. I have employees depending on me for wages and benefits. I do not even have $25,000 per month of income.”

Ron then goes on to ask the judge to terminate his spousal support obligations.

Ron submitted a breakdown of his income and expenses, and the virus has created a bleak situation for him.  His total expenses are more than $433,000, and his net operating income is just over $300,000.  But he says since the virus, his income is zero.

Ron and Margo had a bitter divorce. She claimed he left her high and dry, canceling her credit cards and cutting her off financially.

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