Coronavirus: Spain’s downward death toll trend signals the worst is over

Spain registered 378 new deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, eleven more than the day before.

But Friday’s figure was the lowest for more than a month and the overall trend is clearly downward.

The total death toll now stands at 22,902 which is the world’s third-highest tally after the United States and Italy.

“We have indeed overcome the toughest phase, the most critical phase of the disease, thanks mainly to the effort of the whole Spanish society,” government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero told a news briefing on Friday.

The military has been helping clean hospitals and have been organising the distribution of protection equipment to medical staff across the country.

They’ve also been driving patients to and from hospitals and assisted in the difficult task of transporting the deceased to temporary mortuaries.

On Sunday children will get their first fresh air in weeks when a total ban on letting them outside is relaxed.

After 44 days indoors, they’ll be allowed out for one hour but no further than a kilometre from home.

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