Disney World Gets Guidelines for Reopening Once Coronavirus Crisis Improves

With Walt Disney World closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, a Florida task force has set guidelines for reopening the amusement parks once virus conditions improve.

The group shared their initial report on Tuesday and included reopening rules for restaurants, movie theaters, hotels and other closed businesses.

Two phases are in place for Disney World to allow visitors back inside the park. The first calls for 50 percent capacity, and when conditions further improve, 75 percent capacity will be allowed. However, there is not a set date for either of the phases as pandemic conditions remain hard to predictable.

The report recommends that markers be set in ride queues six feet apart to allow for social distancing, a precaution many grocery stores and essential businesses have adopted. Visitors who are 65 years and olde and at a higher risk for contracting coronavirus will be encouraged to stay at home.

Disney World staff will be required to wear face masks and regularly wipe down and disinfect surfaces and railings. Employees will need to have their temperatures taken before working their shifts, and anyone who is above 100.4 degrees will be sent home.

Touch-less hand sanitizing stations will be added to every ride’s entry and exit, ticketing area and turnstile.

The Florida task force is made up of 44 people, including Disney executive, the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA team and members of the local business community. Their same guidelines apply to Universal Studios Orlando.

Losing revenue over its closed parks, the Walt Disney Company announced earlier in April that it would have to furlough 43,000 employees.

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