Tweet perfectly sums up how people feel about Jeff Sessions coming for legal weed

Tweet perfectly sums up how people feel about Jeff Sessions coming for legal weed 1

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By Brian Koerber

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a New Year’s surprise for America: he’s coming for your legal weed.

Defying the will of the voters, Sessions announced on Thursday a rollback of policies put in place by the Obama administration that protects states that legalize cannabis. The announcement comes just days after California officially launched recreational cannabis sales, and stands to become the largest market for legal weed in the world. 

In response to the decision from the Justice Department, the Colorado State Senate Democratic Caucus decided to send out a perfectly weird and defiant tweet. 

“We’ll give Jeff Sessions our legal pot when he pries it from our warm, extremely interesting to look at hands,” the tweet reads, along with a link to an NBC News article on the announcement. 

While, sure, that’s hilarious and in the spirit of stoner culture, the Dems backed up their humorous statement with some compelling arguments for how legal cannabis helps the citizens and taxpayers in the state of Colorado.

The marijuana industry supports hundreds of small businesses across our state.

Since legalization, marijuana has generated $617,767,334 in tax revenue. Instead of going to drug cartels, that money helps fund our schools and addiction treatment programs for more dangerous drugs.

— Colorado Senate Dems (@COSenDem) January 4, 2018

For example, the BEST program receives millions of dollars in marijuana tax revenue to help build or improve schools in rural Colorado.

Here are some projects we’ve funded for our kids that would be out millions of dollars if Jeff Sessions had his way.

— Colorado Senate Dems (@COSenDem) January 4, 2018

And some more.

New roofs for schools in El Paso and La Plata counties. Fire suppression emergency generators for a school in Durango. Renovations for a school in Ouray. Marijuana tax revenue helped fund them.

Is your school’s roof TOO NICE? Jeff Sessions is on the case.

— Colorado Senate Dems (@COSenDem) January 4, 2018

Sessions has long taken a harsh, outdated, and often laughable stance on marijuana, once even claiming that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Of course that statement is absolutely ridiculous, and incredibly false.

President Donald Trump previously stated that he thinks cannabis legalization should be “up to the states” and that he would not shut down legalization.

Clearly, this move from Sessions says otherwise. 

Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, California, Nevada, Maine and Washington D.C. have all voted in favor of recreational marijuana use in some degree

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