New Zealand’s prime minister looks like the lead of a crime show in her Vogue shoot

By Johnny Lieu

It’s somewhat rare for New Zealand politicians to attract global attention, but Jacinda Ardern’s star continues to rise.

The current New Zealand Prime Minister is featured in the March issue of Vogue, where she’s been labelled the “anti-Trump,” admired for the way she speaks about poverty and homelessness with a “blend of Bernie Sanders’s bluntness and Elizabeth Warren’s fearlessness.”

But of course, being Vogue, there was plenty of attention dedicated to Ardern’s photoshoot. Clarke Gayford, Ardern’s partner, made the photo his wallpaper.

Some pointed out it looks like something out of a British crime drama, a la Broadchurch.

Or perhaps Scandinavian noir, as in The Bridge or The Killing.

Could the rest of the world tell us just how much it sucks not having a Prime Minister who looks like the star of a new scandi-noir series.

— Celine is coming to NZ (@AnnaGConnell) February 14, 2018

Maybe it’d work great for a Doctor Who publicity shot.

In case you’re wondering about their television habits, Gayford and Ardern are into more “cheesy crime dramas” like SVU, which they’ve barely been able to watch because of their demanding jobs.

Just like us, we guess.

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