This Italian translator can’t believe her ears translating Trump

By Ellie Houghtaling

Anybody unfortunate enough to land behind Trump when the cameras start rolling will almost certainly live in memoriam for their hilariously relatable reactions. 

It happened to last year’s internet-famous #PlaidShirtGuy, and now it’s happening to Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s translator. At yesterday’s meeting between the Italian president and Trump, the president’s rants threw the translator for a loop, forcing her to contort her face as she struggled to reframe his half-baked sentences into intelligible Italian. As the meeting wore on, she only became more astonished — and so did we.

At one point, Trump began talking extensively about sand, and the Italian translator perfectly embodied everybody’s reaction.

Poor thing. I think she’s the translator for the Italian President. Can’t imagine having to translate his word salads into non gibberish Italian

— Tess (@MsTessMcGill) October 16, 2019

They’ve got a lot of sand, big sand, from a standpoint of sand, they have a lot.

— Nicholas (@Lofi_Thriller) October 16, 2019

It was so refreshing to see a normal person on the political stage that some people online wanted her as the new president.

Jeez I wish she was President

— Kansas Killer (@VictorWhiskey72) October 17, 2019

But the meeting, and her face, shocked even more when Trump claimed that the U.S. and Italy have been allies since Ancient Rome. I’m sure Julius Caesar adored his visits to the National Mall.

The look of the White House Italian translator as Trump says President Mozzarella for the Italian President and says U.S. and Italy have been allies since Ancient Rome.

— Teymour (@Teymour_Ashkan) October 17, 2019

To those who don’t speak English, 45* may not sound all that stupid: All the s#*t that comes out of his mouth has to go through the minds of the translators, who *can’t help but improve it* while they’re translating – simply by virtue of trying to make sense of it themselves!

— Trump Unpresidented (@realUnpresident) October 16, 2019

At the end of this clip, she turns her head to the side in horror and raises her eyebrows at someone off screen.

The #trumppresser with Italian President Sergio Mattarella literally left me with a running nose coz of laughing. The bewilderment on his translator’s face as she translated, messed me up big time!

— Mike Flava Omwony (@MichaelOmwony) October 16, 2019

Hopefully she returns for another meeting. It’s nice to know that some of us are on the same page.

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