Brazil Politics: Lula’s Tone Surprises Government, House Speaker

(Bloomberg) — Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvas speech was considered overly aggressive by Lower House Speaker Rodrigo Maia, as well as by leaders from Lulas own Workers Party, according to local newspapers. The government was also surprised.
Maia lamented the content of the speech, which Lula gave after leaving jail. He believes the former president left the prison more radical than when he entered, and that will only strengthen current President Jair Bolsonaro, according to O Globo. The speech was considered aggressive by Workers Party leaders too, according to newspaper Folha de S.Paulo. Fellow party members allegedly heard from judiciary officials that the more radical tone only makes it more difficult for his legal cases to advance serenely. The idea is that the former presidents future speeches will be more moderate, reported Folha de S.Paulo.
The remarks that bothered the government the most, according to newspaper Estado, were that the country needs to follow the example of Chile and Bolivia: to attack and not just defend itself. Bolsonaros administration sees the former president possibly inciting violence, risking turmoil in the country, said the newspaper.
New Party
Bolsonaro confirmed late on Monday that he will meet with the PSL lawmakers to discuss the departure and the creation of a new party, according to O Globo. The new party is expected to be called Alliance for Brazil. The campaign may be launched later this week, with a website and an app to collect the required signatures. The ruling party PSL will act on several fronts to prevent the idea from materializing before early next year as municipal elections approach, according to Folha de S.Paulo.
Economic team members already see difficulty in approving any constitutional amendment later this year, according to Folha de S.Paulo. The announcement of a public sector reform proposal was again postponed. Pension reform will be enacted on Tuesday.
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