Coronavirus: Baby shower partygoers flee after flouting lockdown

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Only a “minority” of people are ignoring social distancing measures, police say

About 30 people attended an outdoor baby shower – complete with “a bouncy castle full of children” – despite lockdown rules, police have said.

They were sitting in a communal play area outside their homes in Morecambe on Saturday, officers said on Facebook.

When asked to leave by police community support officers (PCSOs), three partygoers “became abusive and stated that it didn’t matter because the schools were going back in June”.

They ran away when police were called.

Lancashire Police said: “One particularly uncaring individual stated, ‘Well we’re all going to get it, so what’s the point?’ and refused to follow the PCSOs’ advice.”

Police said the three people who fled were “presumably more concerned about receiving a fine than giving someone else a potentially fatal disease”.

On Saturday, about 70 people attended a park “rave” in Telford, Shropshire – telling police they were “sick of self-isolation”.

‘Act sensibly’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he acknowledges there is frustration over the “complex” easing of England’s coronavirus lockdown.

His comments in the Mail on Sunday come amid mounting criticism of the way restrictions have been changed in England.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said the move had come “early” for northern England, where the coronavirus infection rate is higher than in London.

Lancashire Police said “only a minority of people” were ignoring social distancing measures.

“We understand that everyone is making sacrifices, including missing out on family occasions and seeing friends and loved ones.

“However, no-one is above the law and we will continue to engage and encourage people to act sensibly and to follow the guidance when meeting friends or family.”

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