Graduate Together: Live updates from the class of 2020 special

Former President Barack Obama told the class of 2020 they’ve overcame many obstacles including illness, losing a parent or having a parent that lost a job.
“Along with the usual challenges of growing up, all of you have had to deal with added pressure because of social media, reports of school shootings and the specter of climate change,” Obama said.
And as seniors were getting ready to graduate, Covid-19 struck, Obama said.
“As much as Im sure you love your parents, Ill bet being stuck at home with them and playing board games or watching ‘Tiger King’ on TV is not exactly how you envisioned the last few months of your senior year,” he said.
Despite all the obstacles, Obama said the class of 2020 will continue to make him and his wife Michelle Obama proud.
“Michelle and I have made it the mission of our foundation to give young people like you the skills and support to lead in your own communities and to connect you with other young leaders around the country and around the globe,” Obama said. “But the truth is you dont need us to tell you what to do because in so many ways youve already started to lead. Congratulations, class of 2020. Keep making us proud.”
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