Aaron Rodgers Compares Coronavirus Quarantine To ‘House Arrest’

Aaron Rodgers
Coronavirus Quarantine …
‘It’s More Of A House Arrest’

5/18/2020 8:59 AM PT

Aaron Rodgers Compares Coronavirus Quarantine To 'House Arrest' 1Breaking News

Strong words from Aaron Rodgers … the NFL superstar says coronavirus lockdowns have turned into “a house arrest to find a cure.”

It’s unclear if the QB is suggesting government officials should ease quarantine regulations … but Rodgers’ statement on the matter to media certainly feels that way.

“I think we all were buying into the idea of quarantine to flatten the curve,” Rodgers said on Friday. “And, I think there are a lot of questions now that it’s more of a house arrest to find a cure with people wondering exactly what that means as far as the future of the country and the freedoms we’re allowed to have at this point.”

Rodgers, who was initially asked about whether or not he feels it’s “safe” to resume NFL play again, continued … “I’m very hopeful that we can have a season.”

“I think the important thing to think about, though, which is more important than that is the state of the country and the fact that we have 36-plus million people on unemployment right now; you have obviously rising poverty levels to go along with the unemployment, you have suicide hotline is up 8,000 percent.”

Aaron added, “There’s really a lot of problems going on in the country right now associated with the fear around this pandemic, and I hope that we can use some common sense moving forward and make decisions that are going to be in the best interest of all people moving forward. And, I hope that sports is a part of that at some point.”

36-year-old Rodgers, who was not asked a follow-up question on the matter, had a scary start to COVID-19 lockdowns back in March … he famously escaped Peru just minutes before the country’s airport shut down.

Rodgers has laid low in quarantine with his GF, Danica Patrick, since.

The NFL and the Packers, meanwhile, are still not allowing Rodgers and other players to hold team workouts or practices amid the pandemic.

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