Nick Saban creates coronavirus PSA

Nick Saban creates coronavirus PSA 1

University of Alabama Athletics

Alabama coach, and former Dolphins coach, Nick Saban is doing what true leaders do. Talking the talk, and walking the walk.

Saban stars in a new PSA urging appropriate practices as to the coronavirus. The spot features Saban chastising the school’s mascot, an elephant named “Big Al,” for not maintaining six feet of distance and for not wearing a mask.

“All of us want to make sure we play football this fall,” Saban later says. “And to make that happen, we must be sure we stay at home if we have symptoms, wash your hands often, follow all social-distancing guidelines, and please wear a mask anytime you’re around other people.”

It’s an important message in all 50 states, but particularly in Alabama. Montgomery has run out of ICU beds as the infections and illnesses spike.

It’s hardly a surprise. Folks in plenty of communities, urged on by politicians and media charlatans, have revolted not only against staying at home but also against behaving properly and prudently in public. All the while, more people are getting sick and more people are dying, as a matter of such grave importance swirls in the red-state/blue-state vortex that has morphed from something that simply causes hard feelings among neighbors to something that potentially kills them.

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