Coachella Appears To Be Rescheduling For 2021

Back in March, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic started to make its impact on American life, Coachella promoters Goldenvoice rescheduled the festival. Coachella, originally set to take place over two weekends in April, would still happen, but it would happen in October instead. Goldenvoice announced that the tickets for the April festival would still be honored, and the company also announced that the annual country music festival Stagecoach, which was set to take place on the same site later in the spring, would also be rescheduled for October. As it turns out, those plans may have been overly optimistic. According to unconfirmed reports, Coachella is unlikely to happen this year at all.

Goldenvoice postponed Coachella before the world understood all the long-lasting ramifications of the pandemic. At this point, it seems less and less likely that the public is going to be ready for large-scale concerts by this fall. Now Bloomberg reports that Coachella organizers are asking artists who were booked for the 2020 festival to perform at Coachella 2021 instead. According to various sources, the company is figuring out plans with artists and settling matters like insurance.

According to Bloomberg, some of the artists booked for this year’s Coachella have agreed to play next year, while others have not yet confirmed. Also, Goldenvoice has reportedly not asked all of the artists booked for 2020 to play next year’s festival. Goldenvoice is reportedly hoping to persuade people who bought 2020 tickets to roll those tickets over until next year.

Coachella remains the biggest annual music festival in the US, and this shows just how chaotic the plans for the return of live music have been. The Barcelona festival Primavera Sound has already unveiled next year’s initial lineup, which features many of the artists originally booked for this year. Something like that is now looking like a best-case scenario for many of the festivals that had to cancel this year. We’ll see if Coachella follows suit.

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