Nick Cordero fighting ‘new lung infection,’ wife Amanda Kloots says

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Nick Cordero’s wife says the Broadway star has encountered a new obstacle as he continues to remain hospitalized with the coronavirus.

“Just a little Nick update, it’s been a tough week,” Amanda Kloots said on her Instagram stories Saturday night. “Nick suffered from some new lung infection in his lungs earlier this week. Since then he’s been slowly recovering, which is great.”

Despite the setback, Kloots remains optimistic.

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“Day by day, hour by hour, he’s getting better,” she said. “So he is slowly getting back to where he was before this infection came about, and that’s good.”

Kloots is also looking ahead to how Cordero’s recovery can remain in place.

“We’re just hoping that he can come off some more medications and that his settings on machines can come down. Right now we’re just looking for slow, steady, small wins to keep him resting and recovering,” she said.

Back in April, Kloots had said that Cordero’s lungs were severely impaired by the virus.

“We did learn that due to COVID, Nick’s lungs are severely damaged to look almost like he’s been a smoker for 50 years, they said, they’re that damaged,” she said on her Instagram stories at the time. “There are holes in his lungs where obviously you don’t want holes to be.”

Cordero, 41, is being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Kloots revealed on April 1 that her husband had fallen ill and has been very vocal about his progress since then. In his eight-week battle, Cordero had to have his leg amputated and was placed in a medically induced coma.

Kloots’ most recent comments come in the wake of her update last Thursday, in which she said Cordero had suffered a setback.

“So one of the things that I have learned about this whole process is that the land of the ICU is one step forward, two steps back,” she said. “And that’s kind of what happened to us in these last 24 hours.”

The day before that, Kloots got emotional while relaying somber news in another video.

“Nick has had a bad morning. Unfortunately, things are going a little downhill at the moment,” she said. “So, I am asking again for all the prayers, mega prayers right now.”

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