Coronavirus lockdown rules continue to ease in England, Scotland and Wales

Beauty salons reopen in England, shopping centres reopen in Scotland and some pubs can welcome customers again in Wales.

Coronavirus lockdown rules continue to ease in England, Scotland and Wales 1
Queues outside shops will be part of life for some time yet

Lockdown rules are being eased in England, Scotland and Wales today as the three nations continue the long journey back to normal life.

The latest changes include:

  • England: Beauty salons, nail bars and tattoo parlours are allowed to open, as are spas, massage studios and physical therapy businesses. But government guidance says face waxing, eyelash treatments, make-up application and facials should not go ahead because of the risk of COVID-19 transmission
  • Scotland: Hospitals can reopen to visitors for patients who do not have coronavirus, children can play contact sports outdoors, shopping centres will reopen and non-aerosol routine dental care returns
  • Wales: Some pubs, bars and restaurants will be opening outdoors, as well as most indoor attractions

It comes after around 200 workers were quarantined and 73 employees tested positive for the virus at AS Green and Co farm in the village of Mathon near Worcester.

The workers are having to remain on the farm for isolation and the council is arranging delivery of food and supplies.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said there were more than 100 “local actions” across the country each week aimed at preventing similar outbreaks.

He told The Daily Telegraph that “some of these will make the news, but many more are swiftly and silently dealt with”.

Leicester remains in local lockdown
Leicester remains in local lockdown after a recent increase in cases

Leicester remains in lockdown after a rise in cases there and Mr Hancock said this would be reviewed later this week.

Meanwhile, there is still debate in England on whether face coverings should be compulsory in shops as they are on public transport.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had said he wanted to be “stricter” on getting people to wear them but Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said on Sunday that they should not be made compulsory.

Mr Gove told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that it was “basic good manners, courtesy and consideration” to wear a face covering in a shop but added: “I trust people’s good sense.”

He has also encouraged people to return to work from today, reversing previous messages which urged people to work from home if possible to limit the spread of the virus.

In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a move to phase three of a four-step process to end lockdown.

She also warned that she will impose quarantine on English visitors to Scotland if necessary, but she added that it will not be a decision she takes lightly.

The Department of Health and Social Care said 44,819 people have died in UK hospitals, care homes and the community after testing positive for coronavirus by 5pm on Saturday.

The number of UK deaths involving COVID-19 is thought to have passed 55,000.

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